Biosensor has developed a unique partner-practice program ensuring the maximum benefit to your practice with minimal risk or disruptions. Unlike most diagnostic medical devices, we do not require an expensive capital investment. Instead, we place our equipment at no cost to you, as well as providing a trained medical assistant/technologist to operate the equipment. This ensures you can get maximum patient benefit with minimum impact on your practice’s daily routine or expenses. Biosensor’s turn key services handle every aspect of the program, from patient identification and management through billing and collections. Biosensor charges a flat management fee in exchange for our services, equipment, and personnel. There is no direct cost to you to get started, and you are never invoiced until after you have received reimbursement for the patient. Your practice is cash flow positive from day one.

Attractive Insurance Reimbursement

Biosensor only offers services with a history of well established Medicare, Medicaid, and commercial insurance reimbursement. Biosensor’s internal billing department provided dedicated services to maximize your income stream while eliminating additional work for your office staff. Please contact us and one of our Regional Sales Consultants will go over the financial opportunities for your practice in detail.


Advanced Medical Technology Association Code of Ethics

As part of Biosensor’s commitment to the highest ethical business standards we subscribe to ADVAMED’s Code of Ethics. The Code of Ethics governs our interaction with HCPs and helps ensure that we are 100% in compliance with all state and federal laws governing the sale of medical technology and services. The Code of Ethics governs everything from support of educational activities to the provision of reimbursement and health economics information. Most importantly, it ensures that all of our interactions with HCPS are centered on patient care, and that nothing but concern for a patient’s welfare influences purchasing decisions.
The complete ADAVMED code of ethics can be found here