The convenience of Ultrasound in your own practice

Ultrasound is the standard of care for initial assessment of abnormal cardiovascular results for both the heart and peripheral vasculature. Our on-site vascular and echocardial ultrasound capabilities are brought to your office, so your patient doesn’t have to be referred to a testing facility or the Hospital. Results are available within 24 hours so that you can quickly determine a treatment path or the need for a referral. Your patient experiences far better continuity of care when you are able to assess them at this level of detail before referring them to a specialist. Additionally, with routine access to an ultrasound you can provide improved continuity of care for thyroid treatment, musculoskeletal issues, as well as a numerous other conditions.

The many uses for Ultrasound

Ultrasound can give you the ability to completely assess a patient before sending them to a specialist. Eliminate unnecessary worry, expense, and time for your patient, while providing upstream physicians more detailed information upon your referral of a patient. Biosensor can also provide readings in under 24 hours ensuring time sensitive results for critical referral decisions.
Biosensor can provide general/vascular ultrasound personnel and equipment on a recurring basis to handle patients commonly in need of assessment for:

  • Carotid exam for diabetics, patients with PVD, and others at high risk of stroke
  • Non-invasive vascular diagnostics for patients with positive test with ANS/ABI for peripheral arterial disease
  • Thyroid examination and treatment
  • Soft tissue examinations
  • Abdominal and renal examination
  • General musculoskeletal examinations

Biosensor can also provide dedicated echocardial sonographers for any patients in need of an echocardiaogram assessment for:

  • Murmurs/abnormal sounds
  • Congestive heart failure evaluation
  • Regurgitation/valve issues
  • Cardiomyopathy
  • Evaluation of congenital heart defects
  • Post surgical and post event evaluation