The tools to fight an epidemic

Dramatic Cardiometabolic Health Risk

Nearly 10 million Americans are currently diagnosed as diabetic. Another 80 million are insulin resistant and will become diabetic in the future. The pathology of diabetes and its’ comorbidities are the single biggest health risk factors effecting America. It costs the Healthcare system upwards of $250 billion per year. It is the single biggest health threat facing the United States and one you see on a daily basis. Biosensor provides a suite of services designed to help identify disease early, prevent it when possible, and help you manage or intervene when needed.

Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) testing provides a complex assessment of the autonomic nervous system, and identifies the development of cardiometabolic disease, as well is its common comorbidities including, peripheral neuropathy, cardio autonomic neuropathy, and the onset of endothelial dysfunction leading to peripheral arterial disease. It also provides risk stratification for overall cardiometabolic health and cardiovascular disease, as well as providing markers for specific risk factors associated with cardiovascular events such as an MI or Coronary Artery Disease. ANS testing is an integral part of preventative medicine as well as the management of Diabetics. It also plays a role in the assessment of other disorders that effect the nervous system, and can play a crucial role if diagnosis of patients with multiple symptoms. learn more
Ankle Brachial Index (ABI) Testing provides an assessment of the severity of lower extremity peripheral arterial disease. It can also be used during or post-treatment to gauge the effectiveness of a drug regime or interventional procedure. Routine ABI testing of at risk patients provides a critical assessment of the leading factors for stroke or heart attack independent of traditional risk factors blood pressure, lipids, family history, or lifestyle choices. learn more
Ultrasound is the standard of care for initial assessment of abnormal cardiovascular results for both the heart and peripheral vasculature. Our on-site vascular and echocardial ultrasound capabilities are brought to your office so your patient doesn’t have to be referred to a testing facility or the Hospital. Results are available within 24 hours so that you can quickly determine a treatment path or the need for a referral. Your patient experiences far better continuity of care when you are able to assess them at this level of detail before referring them to a specialist. Additionally, with routine access to an ultrasound you can provide improved continuity of care for thyroid treatment, musculoskeletal issues, as well as a numerous other conditions. learn more