Patient ABI

A common killer

Peripheral Vascular Disease is one of the most common conditions in the United States. One in 20 Americans over the age of 50 have Peripheral Vascular Disease and it greatly increases your chance of heart attack or stroke. Peripheral Artery Disease occurs when your arteries becomes clogged with plague (a fatty deposit) due to smoking, diet, or other lifestyle choices. When plague breaks loose it can travel to your brain and cause a stroke or, clog your coronary arteries causing a heart attack.

Peripheral Vascular Disease (PVD)

The easy way to Diagnose

Your doctor will typically treat the symptoms associated with Peripheral Vascular Disease with  blood pressure and/or cholesterol medications. However, without more definitive diagnostics your primary care physician cannot tell the location or extend of Peripheral Vascular Disease, so you may be referred to a specialist unnecessarily, or not referred when you need to be. The ABI (Ankle-Brachial Index) is a 2 minute non-invasive tests which can identify the location and extend of lower extremity Peripheral Vascular Disease. In only 2 minutes you can know definitively if you have PVD and if you need to see a specialist or if it can be managed by your primary care physician.

If you are over 60, or over 50 with a history of diabetes or smoking,  the American Medical Association recommends twice annual screening for PVD.  The ABI makes that fast, accurate, and pain free.

Learn if you pass with our 2 min non invasive test