Protect yourself from today’s # 1 health epidemic

Catch it Early

Biosensor Equipment believes that the best way to protect yourself from a life of chronic disease is to stop it before it starts. That begins with early detection. We provide your physician a battery of, painless, fast, non-invasive tests designed to catch a myriad of common diseases. We assess your metabolic health – over 10 million Americans have diabetes and another 80 million are pre-diabetic. The slow decline of your overall health due to development of insulin resistance opens the door for diseases such as neuropathy and peripheral vascular disease. Diabetes can take a decade or more to be diagnosed, and many people are not aware of its gradual development, and the impact on their life. One out of 3 Americans are on the path toward diabetes. Are you? Will you suffer from one of it’s the comorbidities most often found alongside diabetes.

As your overall cardio-metabolic health declines, you will start to develop diseases that may result in hospitalization or death.

Peripheral Neuropathy – As your body becomes insulin resistant and your blood sugar increases, damage is caused to the nerves throughout your body. Starting as numbness or tingling, it can progress to pain, and ultimately result in amputation. Nearly 100,000 amputations from Diabetes and its complications occur annually.

Cardio Autonomic Neuropathy – Just as your peripheral nerves are damaged from the progression of diabetes, the nerves controlling your heart can be as well. This can cause a fast or irregular heartbeat (tachycardia), lightheadedness and fainting (syncope and collapse), and greatly increases your for sudden cardiac death.

Endothelia Dysfunction – As you become insulin resistant, your vascular system becomes damaged allowing blockages to form in your extremities (Peripheral Artery Disease) and within the arteries of the heart itself (Coronary Arterial Disease). A blockage can break lose traveling to your brain and cause a stroke, develop in your coronary arteries eventually causing a heart attack.

Biosensor provides your doctor early identification and prevention capabilities with a suite of cutting edge, in-office diagnostic tools. He can assess the extent of any disease state, and help define the course of treatment needed without sending you to separate facilities and physicians. We provide your doctors the tools they need at the location you need – at your primary care doctors office. Through the use of our ANS and ABI testing, ultrasound, and on site laboratory draws, Biosensor ensures a fast and complete evaluation, that saves you both time and money.